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The theme of 2012: the concept of health, disease and therapy of Kurt Goldstein, the father of the holistic approach (1878-1965). In collaboration with various colleagues, I will present in Europe and United States the neurological holistic approach of Goldstein in the context of my essay "The Organism is a Storyteller: Five Organismic Epochs".



My Most Recent Essay:

The Organism is a Storyteller: Five Organismic Epochs - Part One: From the Primordial Background to Sparagmos

Foundation essay hypothesizing the existence of five unfolding Organismic Epochs identifiable in both our collective history (collective unconscious) and in individual ontogenetic development.

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Copyright by Richard Wolf Nathan, 2007, and published serially in the D.C. Area Guild of Body Psychotherapists Newsletter, beginning with vol. 15, n 3 September 2009/ January 2010

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My Curriculum Vitae and a brief list of publications.

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