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These writings follow the historical model I have identified of five organismic epochs. Which operate in both the collective through the ages, and in the unfolding of each individual organism in the present.

1: Articles about Primordial Background:

Interview with Sir Laurens Van Der Post

The great South African Cultural Primordial Hunter, Laurens Van der Post, is here interviewed in July 1993 in his flat in Chelsea, London, on how to recover the Primordial Background nowadays.

Interview with Frank and Barbara Waters

The great North American Cultural Primordial Hunter, Frank Waters, is here interviewed in July 1993 in his home on the border of the Taos Indian Territory, Taos, New Mexico, on how to recover the Primordial Background nowadays.


2: Articles about Fragmentation (Sparagmos):

The Organism is a Storyteller: Five Organismic Epochs - Part One: From the Primordial Background to Sparagmos

Foundation essay hypothesizing the existence of five unfolding Organismic Epochs identifiable in both our collective history (collective unconscious) and in individual ontogenetic development. (2007, and republished September 2009)


3: Articles about Emergence of Protective Synthesis:

The Embryonic Origin of Vegetative Armoring Part 1 (1984, 2008)

The Embryonic Origin of Vegetative Armoring Part 2 (1986, 2009)

My first attempt to identify the process in early ontogenetic embryonic development of fragmentation of the germ layers and the coming to dominance of a part as protective synthesis to maintain viability in an adrenaline dominant womb.


Depression Understood as a Collective Phenomenon - Presentation (2006)

Depression Understood as a Collective Phenomenon - Article (2008)

Here depression is presented as a creative phenomenon of protective synthesis to maintain groundedness in the body when external and internal stimuli are overwhelming the individual. Thus clinically the patient is encouraged to enter into and explore depression, rather than deny it.

4: Articles about Re-emergence of the Primordial Background:

Sparagmos: Fragmentation from the Mythological to the Clinical

A first attempt by the team of Riccardo Bianco and Richard Nathan to synthesize their collaboration in the psychiatric ward of our local hospital, Cittiglio, province of Varese, Italy. (1995)

What is the Relationship between Touch and the Therapeutic Process?

My first conclusions in 1980 about how to conduct an effective body psychotherapy using direct touch. This first appeared in Washington D.C. and republished in 2008

The Organismic Approach in Sport

A conversation with the coach of the Italian football squad (soccer) of Torino on the advantages of a deepened sensory awareness to improve sport performance. (1987)

The First Phases of a Psycho-Organismic Approach with an Institutionalized Psychiatric Patient: The Meeting with Francesca

5: Articles on the Ongoing Adventure of the Unfragmented Whole:

Forthcoming: Primordial Hunter, a 21st Century Organismic Myth  

Early Works and Past Seminars:


This is an attempt to identify a universal process behind all therapeutic models (1998)

Bodypsychotherapy in America

My first series of bodypsychotherapy training (1982)

For Dancers and Non-Dancers Alike

A description of my earliest work in direct touch with the body (1977)

Basic Assumptions of the Introductory Six-Class Seminar in Humanistic Bodypsychotherapy


A Body Psychotherapy Workshop

In this workshop, we began elaborating an approach to specific work in grounding clients, “a return to the body,” and exploring a remedy for what is happening in us both in terms of the background, national and global culture and how that affects us beyond our personal histories. “The shadow of the unresolved body/mind split exists in the present…” (2007)


All files are in Adobe PDF format, so in order to visualize them you need the Adobe Reader installed on your computer. If you don't have it, please download it from Adobe website (it's free).


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